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NIKAWA has a wide range of door closers ranging from concealed type to sliding door closer to surface applied ones. They are the 1st brand to have introduce the slide arm system to local BTO/HDB so that their door can hold at one desired position. NIKAWA has been in the industry for many years and strive to innovate in ways that would have a major impact in the door hardware industry  


dormakaba offers a wide range of door closers that provide safety and security. Their door closers are designed to meet the functional and visual goals of any commercial building or residential homes. Surface-applied and concealed closers create many design options. Surface closers are available with a range of specialty arms, mounting plates, brackets and painted finishes to suit almost any door. Closers can be used with aluminum, wood, or hollow metal doors and frames. dormakaba is so confident in the life long and trouble-free use of our door closers that we back them with some of the best warranties in the industry.

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