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Autoseal (Concealed) 

Centre Seal

Glass Seal

Perimeter Seal

Weather Strip

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No Noise
No Water Splash
No Insects
No Dust
No Aircon Leak
No Maintenance

No Wiper Line

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What is

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Autoseal is an automatic door seal installed to close the annoying gap between the door and the floor. When you close your door, the seal will automatically drop down to seal up the gap. The moment you open up your door, the seal will retract up to prevent scratches or damages to your flooring.

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Why did we create

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We created Autoseal to help keep out dust, insects and protect from air, water, wind and noise to guarantee comfort and safety in living spaces. Autoseal also last longer than other adhesive door seals whereby it has went through a cyclic test up to 1,000,00 times.

  • Available in 2 Version

  • Seal is of silicone material hence it's very durable and heat resistant.

  • Exterior is of aluminium material, therefore it will not rust.

  • Spring loaded mechanism tested up to 1,000,000 times

  • Reduce Noise up to 53 Decibels

  • Available in silver and brown

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There's this saying. "Without Autoseal, Crying Baby, With Autoseal, Happy Baby" 
Cut unwanted noise traveling to your room and gives you and your loved ones a good night rest with Autoseal.


Have you ever experience rainwater/dirty water flowing in from your main door? Look closely at the left video, even with the DIY adhesive seal, it did not keep the water out. Imagine the hassle you have to go through to clean your place again and again.
Autoseal your door to block those waves of water coming in.

Without Autoseal, rainwater flow in freely

You can reject strangers or uninvited guest by not answering or opening your door. You can too reject these pest/insects by autosealing your door.  


Feature & Specifications

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Autoseal 1

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Autoseal 2

Aluminium Profile

Silicone Seal
Aluminium Profile

Noise Reduction
up to 40 decibels

Noise Reduction
up to 53 decibels

Cyclic Test
up to 1,000,000 times

Cyclic Test
up to 1,000,000 times

Colour Available

Colour Available

Drop Down Distance

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Drop Down Distance


Noise Reduction Test

Autoseal Price List

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Installation Gallery

Customer Testimonial

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