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The Schlage S-6500F digital touchpad lock with fingerprint reader, gives you peace of mind with exibility for modern lives. The S-6500F is packed full of features that gives the home owner a range of possibilities that ts with modern lifestyles and security. Simple to program, the S-6500F provides up to ten different user PIN codes, 50 cards/fobs and 50 fingerprints, as well as temporary access codes can be created for contractors or guests. An optional Remote Key is available. The codes can be individually added and deleted using the simple menu. The lock can be operated using several convenient ways, including the keypad, card, fob, stick-on patches or finger-print reader. There is also a key override in case of an emergency. The S-6500F also has additional security features such as a built-in alarm which can sense forced entry, and an auto re-lock feature if the door is left unlocked for a period. The door unlocks from the inside by rotating the lever from the inside at any time, making it easy to exit in an emergency.

Schlage S-6500F Digital Lock

  • Keyless convenience

    Access your home by user PIN, card or FOB, ngerprint or optional remote key

    Illuminated numeric touch pad Never get a key cut again

    Extremely easy to set up and operate with voice control

    Volume and mute controls

    Batteries included

    Enhanced security

    Built-in alarm sense potential door attacks

    Door re-locks itself when left unlocked

    Peace of mind

    Weather resistant

    Two year guarantee

  • Door thickness: 40mm to 90mm
    Backset: 70mm

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