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Autoseal (Concealed) 

Centre Seal

Glass Seal

Perimeter Seal

Weather Strip

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No Noise
No Water Splash
No Insects
No Dust
No Aircon Leak
No Maintenance

No Wiper Line

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Autoseal Glass is an automatic glass seal installed at the front of your glass door to close the annoying gap between the door and the floor. When you close your door, the seal will automatically drop down to seal up the gap. The moment you open up your door, the seal will retract up to prevent scratches or damages to your flooring.


AS68 Glass Seal

The best seller product for hinged glass doors. Created from the 13x28 Autoseal model, Glass is installed on the side of the door by a high-sealing double-sided adhesive tape

Reduce noise/sound up to 39 decibels
Seal drops down to up to 14mm


Made in Italy



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