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Save Electricity Bill with Autoseal

There are so many different ways that you can save on your monthly energy costs. From shopping for new energy plans to installing LED light bulbs, when it comes to lowering your monthly energy bill, every little effort can add up.

However, one of the most effective, and proven solutions to lowering your monthly energy costs is to address issues with air leaks. Detecting and sealing air leaks can easily help keep your cooling costs under control and your electricity bills manageable.

Unseal Door

An illustration of an unseal door. Smoke, gas or aircon leaks out from the bottom of your door. When aircon leaks out from your door, your aircon motor have to work harder to keep the temp in your room at optimum,

Sealed Door Demo

Seal your door and let no more aircon leak out of your door anymore. And in turn, you will save electricity and also save the earth. :)

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