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Now Schlage Digital Lock, are they reliable?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Many of us have probably not heard of this brand called Schlage. Some are wondering why we have stopped recommending Yale Digital Lock (after 8 years) to our customers and have decided to work with Schlage Digital Lock. Read on to find out why.

Some History of Schlage

Schlage Digital Lock has been in the lock industry since 1920 (100 years and counting) and have been pioneering the first push-button lock to the high-tech mobile solutions of today. They are currently the Number One Lock Brand in the US and have dominated the industry for years.

Why Schlage Digital Lock?

Unlike other brands in the market, Schlage Digital Locks are both made and assemble in Korea from one production factory. However, other brands have many different production lines or factory in different countries like china, india hence they are not specialise in their field.

Schlage Digital Lock has also been certified with Singapore PSB Board Fire Certification which is extremely crucial for Fire Rated Doors as it's one of the required for a True Fire Rated Door.

Schlage Digital Lock comes with 2 years onsite local warranty and 24/7 emergency support. Best of all, it also comes with affordable spare part repair programme.

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